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Author: Will Walton - Mortgage Advisor, Founder

Updated: February 23, 2023

Here’s everything you need to know about self-employed mortgages, explained by me, a self-employed mortgage. I’m a self-employed mortgage advisor that spent nearly a decade in accountancy before becoming a mortgage advisor. If there’s something specific you’d like to ask you can get in touch by getting started or submitting a question to an expert mortgage advisor.

Understand your budget with a Decision in Principle

A decision in principle is also called an “agreement” or “mortgage” in principle. They all refer to the same thing which is an initial yes from a mortgage lender. This is here to give you an idea of what you can expect to borrow so you can understand your budget.

A decision in principle will also allow you to see what mortgage rates you are eligible for so you can understand your potential mortgage monthly repayments. This will help you understand your finances for any home you buy.

Many estate agents will ask to see a decision in principle if you would like to place an offer on a property. This acts as a way of showing the agent you can likely afford to purchase the property and that you are a serious buyer. Remember, you can use any mortgage advisor you like, even if they suggest otherwise.

Not sure how much you can borrow?

We’re here to help remove the confusion and stress from self-employed mortgages

How many years of accounts/ Tax returns do you really need to get a mortgage?

Generally speaking, 2 years of accounts or tax returns is ideal but it is possible to get a mortgage with only 1 year’s accounts/ Tax return. This will depend on your field of work before becoming self-employed and other personal circumstances.

Heres’ a breakdown:

1 year tax return/ accounts – You will have less options than with only 1 year’s trading info. You will have a better chance if you have a long track record in the same industry before starting a business.

2 years tax returns/ accounts – you will have more options with mortgage lenders. Most lenders will average your 2 latest years of income but some may allow you to use your latest year.

3 years or more tax returns/ accounts – you will have more options with mortgage lenders. Most lenders will average your 2 latest years of income but some may allow you to use your latest year. You may also be able to access lenders that specifically require 3 years of trading history.

How do mortgages work for directors of limited companies?

Lenders will usually look at the combinations or Dividends taken plus Salary or Salary plus Net Profit to calculate mortgage affordability.
This means you can boost your affordability by catering to where the majority of your income sits. If you have retained most of your income in your business profit,then using a lender that looks at salary plus net profit will allow you to potentially obtain a larger mortgage.

How much deposit will I need?

This will depend on several things  such as:

  • Your credit history
  • Your income 
  • The property you are looking at buying 

We’re here to help you understand exactly how much deposit you can expect to need. This can help you budget with clarity and understand how much you can keep back for furniture etc. 

How our service is FREE

We don’t charge you a penny for our service. Our mortgage advice service is free to use.
This is because like most mortgage brokers, we receive a payment from the lender,
when your mortgage completes. We choose not to charge a fee on top of this.
This to make sure we save you as much as possible on your mortgage deal

with unbiased, fee-free mortgage advice.

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Will has been amazing ! He has been there throughout my home buying processing going out of his way to help. He found me a great mortgage deal which met my requirements and he was there to answer all my mortgage and home buying questions.
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An awesome service from beginning to end. Will is just amazing.He helped me through the process of re-mortgaging under complex circumstances every step of the way. He responded swiftly to every enquiry and gave me the confidence that everything was under control
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Continuously goes above and beyond to give the best service I have spoken to many mortgage advisors and Will by far is the most thorough, detailed, approachable and available individual that I have had the privilege of working with.
SamanthaGoogle Review
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Will was recommended to us by a friend and he's been an absolute star throughout the process of our remortgage. He was professional, very thorough and was really quick to get back to us. Plus, super patient when we had a lot of questions! Would absolutely recommend
WillGoogle Review
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We've been working with Will to secure a mortgage being self-employed/running a business (for two years trading) and he's been exceptionally helpful from start to finish explaining everything carefully and taking the time to answer all of our many questions.
MargaretGoogle Review
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Will is very professional along side offering an excellent service he helped us purchase our first home when most turned us away. He was always easy to reach and reassured us all the way through the process.He linked us to solicitors and offered lifetime support
KevinGoogle Review
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My partner and I used Will’s services when purchasing our first home. Will was extremely friendly and helpful and always open to any questions or queries we had. He was also quick to respond to any emails
StephanieGoogle Review
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Will goes above and beyond to help secure a mortgage. Have and would recommend him to any one that will listen. Such a lovely guy and no question is an inconvenience to him. Thanks Will!!
LeenaGoogle Review
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Could not have done this without Will, so supportive, information totally clear and transparent, have already recommended him to several friends.
EmmaGoogle Review
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The service from Will has been very professional. Will made the process very easy and efficient. The solicitors Will recommended were also very professional, efficient and easy to deal with. So glad to have received Will's contact details from a recommendation. I have never had a remortgage be so simple and quick



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